AvocadoXL 220 Racing Drone Kit ( no 3D printed parts! )

AvocadoXL 220 Racing Drone Kit ( no 3D printed parts! )

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This kit does not include any 3D printed parts. Purchase this kit if you have a 3D printer and TPU filament at home or are having someone else print them for you.


Due to the nature of this clearance, I'll be fulfilling orders color options are the quantities of those 3D printed parts last. Please read the full product description to fully understand what comes with the kit. If you want arm bumpers make sure to purchase those separately. 

Many kits will come with two wire harnesses, one short colored one that you can extend the wires on, or a partially colored or uncolored full wire length harness. Many of the harnesses will not be assembled and will require pushing cables into connectors. This was done to save time on assembling these clearance kits.

Download 3D printable parts here

If you're looking for the complete kit view the all in one kit. More pictures and details can be found there.

Assembly Guide

The AvocadoXL has a few required 3D printed parts to make it function.

The required parts are:

  • Side panel grommets
  • Battery strap
  • Battery grommet

Optional parts: